Web Changes

Let us know what you think about the website. Also, we invite you to make suggestions for additional information that would be helpful for you to have available on our website.

There recently has been a few updates to the website.  In the table of contents on the left you will see a link to our Links page.  A few other changes have also been made at the request of viewers like you.


We have updated the site... finally!

Staff has been updated, Address has been updated; Still the same phone number.

Nicole has taken over the reigns of the business, giving you the best service one could hope for.

Bill and Virginia continue to provide exceptional service from the Florida office.


Bill Yunker has a new picture... finally!  Photo taken by Nicole Kuchta.

We've also added a link to the Door County Green Fund and a link to Treasure Coast Palm Newspaper.

Local Media around Health Benefits Management

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Last modified: August 01, 2017